Public service chump

I started out my career as a library technician, something I was very excited about. Unfortunately lovely library jobs in schools are so hard to come by someone really has to die before you can even get a hope of getting one. So enter the public service. The last thing I wanted to do with my life was spend it behind a desk feeling like I accomplish nil every day. I worked at 2 university libraries and finally for a government library. I’m now 32, I have finally achieved the coveted long service leave and I have had enough of meetings that could have been emails and explaining to my manager why searching for cat videos on youtube is honestly the most productive thing I have to do with my time.
Going on maternity leave 3 years ago I said I would never ever come back to this place. I did. The unfortunate truth is the perks out weigh the cons. I get flex time so I can come and go when I need to. I get 2 weeks leave and can purchase additional, and I get 4 weeks sick leave. Yeah ha! But I'm at a point now, my son is in preschool next year and I have got my 3months long service leave, it’s time to think about what I really want.

Since the day I was born I have loved dearly our family farm (200yr old sheep farm) where we spend the occasional weekend and school holiday. My brother and sister, not so much. But to me I saw only freedom. I could do what I wanted without having to ask permission first. I could go where I wanted, plant what I wanted and time was irrelevant. I’m old fashioned, I love sewing, baking and generally keeping a home.  Fast forward to today and I have been extremely lucky to have scored a fella who’s parents are also into farming, on a smaller scale but you know, they own land. They have bought a small lot of farm land and bonus, said that we can do what we like with it as they bought it for us! Now we don’t technically own it until they are 6ft under but until then the plan is to actually build a house and live out there. 

So the plan as it stands. This year we are paying off our various city life land of plenty debts. I need to complete a Diploma in childcare which will open up my job options, every city has kids, and I am readying my home and life for a drastic change to essentially living in a field. Want to come with me?!?
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