Back to school = no tears contact

Allot of the back to school posts I have seen revolve around one question, How do you cover a book without getting bubbles?! Well my mum did it with ease every time so I'm going to teach you the secret. This post is heavy on the pictures because I wanted to make sure you could see exactly what I'm doing.

Step one. On a flat surface measure your book against the contact. Mine was a large book so I went with the length of the contact but if its a smaller book then it may fit on the width so you will get more books out of your roll. Make sure you have plenty of overhang, at least 1-2in or it won't stick properly. 

Then wrap the contact around the book so you have the total length. Cut. Then make a crease along the middle to mark it. This is important, don't skip it.

Next pull the backing off up to the crease you made. Rest the book spine on the crease so it sticks.
Then lay the book on the backing side, not the sticky side! So to the left in this picture. Next hold up the sticky side and make sure its taught but you aren't lifting the book. Using a ruler start at the very edge of the spine and using a sawing motion press the contact down and gradually onto the book working towards the open edge. 

Make sure you saw up and down because this pushes the air out. Next cut off your corners at an angle and cut the edge closest to the spine. Fold up these sections and press along the edge then smooth up. 

Ok ready for the next side. Pull off the backing carefully, this part tends to want to stick to itself. Repeat the sawing and sticking. 
Flip over and cut the corners. You can at this point pull up the pages slightly and stick the side under so it lines up. Looks pritty. If not you simply cut a small section out of the spine of the contact so it skips the middle. 

And that's it! Well done your book is bubble free, took me about 5mins but practice makes perfect. Foil contact like this is harder as it tends to be thinner and more prone to sticking to things you don't want it too. Be patient and saw saw saw. Super cute and i think better than those slip on covers. This contact was half price at BigW.

What are your back to school tricks? 

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