changing careers as an adult

The prospect of having one job your whole life isnt one that I can even imagine. Frankly it sounds boring and repetitive. Why wouldn't you want to go out and grab life and see what else is out there? Well last year I decided to take that step and signed up for a Diploma of early childhood education. This would allow me to work as a room leader in childcare, a preschool or lower primary school assistant. Also more importantly it means I can open my own Family daycare from home. The reason i went for this one was that if we decide to have a second child we cant afford for me to keep working. Doing the course now means that i will have it before that happens. It also means that i can get out of the ridiculous life of an office worker and actually accomplish something with my day, raising young people!

There were alot of people who asked me why on earth i would leave my safe secure job to babysit. I cringed. Childcare is so much more than babysitting. Babysitting is sitting on the couch watching TV until the parents come to get the kids. Childcare is about teaching children how to read, count, walk, about the environment, the world they live in. You teach them to balance their emotions, how to play with others how to learn. Allot of people have the opinion that its an unskilled job but the amount of work that goes into one day is 50x more than i have ever done in my office job where i go home everyday and wonder if anyone would notice if i employed someone in china to do my work remotely (someone actually did this, and no one noticed for 3yrs).

There are national regulations around curriculum and planning. Each center has to meet those guidelines by making a curriculum plan each and every week for every age group! These have to line up with the national curriculum for literacy, environment, self care, movement, health. the menu plan has to follow the national regulations for healthy eating containing meat, vegetables, grains, fruit, dairy but never using the same meal twice in a week and catering for allergies. I dare you to try and do that for your home meals. 

Allot of carers use their own time and money to stock the rooms with the best toys and resources they can to make your engaged in their learning. Those finger paintings we send home to you look like a line on a page, but to child care educators they represent key developmental stages. Did you know that singing has a direct link to the childs ability to read? Drawing a line on a piece of paper signals a childs readiness to take on letters and a control in their mobility that takes so much concentration and skill to do not to mention an understanding of form and purpose.

In my office job the most important thing i did today was delete an email...and my family thinks that's the best place for me? So yes, I am leaving this secure, well paying job to work in a notoriously underpaid occupation. But my quality of life and self worth will be 10,000x times better. I will actually be accomplishing something with my time. building the children of today to be the future of this country, this world. There is no greater job.

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