Chicken stock for the soul

I was running low on stock so decided to whip up a batch. It makes the house smell amazing! When ever i have a roast chicken for dinner i pick the bones clean and then freeze them in a bag until in ready to make stock. A great way to use less waste, reusing the bones and left over or almost bad veg. 

Its really simple. Just put 2-3 carcass in a slow cooker then fill with water. Add flavoring, i use one onion, carrot, celery if i have it, pepper corns and garlic. Just rough chop and throw in as the solids will be thrown out, its just the liquid you want. Leave to cook for 12hrs and wait for the most amazing aroma. 

 Drying my muslin cloth over my oil lamp after filtering the stock into jars bound for the freezer. Really try it, its so super healthy for you. Its the ingredient that makes chicken soup cure colds. Some people say they drink a small cup at breakfast. Its also called bone broth because of the jelly consistency it gets when cooled. 
I use mine to flavour all my dishes, i throw it in spaghetti bolognaise, beef stew, and it makes amazing gravy. 

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