Sustainable bees wax wraps

I am always looking for ways to save on waste and if they happen to look beautiful then all the better! I have wanted to give these a try for a while but bees wax is kind of pricey. I bit the bullet this weekend and had a go at it. I have to say they turned out exactly how I thought they would. They smell amazing and cost next to nothing because i already had the fabric. The wax was about $15 for 100g but it does go far. I had read that the wax needs to go on quite thick but I found once i had done the first two that they were way too stiff and the wax was thicker in some places. So I used my iron to remelt it and used the run off to make more. All up I made 7 out of 100g of wax. Here's what I did.

you need to use cotton as its a natural fabric. Cut into squares about 30cm square or smaller depending on what you want to use them for. There are a few ways to melt it. You can use a baking tray and put it in the oven for 2-3mins but you wont be able to use the tray for anything else after. I went for the iron method. Lay your fabric on a sheet of baking paper and scatter your wax over the top. Place another sheet of baking paper on the top then gently iron over the top. The wax melts quite quickly and I found it ran onto the iron cover essentially ruining it :( Next time I will lay an old towel over it first. 

Check you have the whole thing wet, it will be shinny where the wax is. You can see the wax run off in the picture below. 

When you are sure its covered you peel the fabric off and let it dry for a few seconds, its quite fast. I then found that once the wax was dry on the paper I could peel it off and use it to make the next one. this is how I made so many. I actually used the iron to push the melted wax around so I could push the excess to the edges and off onto the paper. 

I used this wax from Inspired Little Pot.

I think they are super cute and functional. To use them just wrap up your food and twist the edges like a bon bon or use some twine. To wash, use a soft cloth and cold water. Hot water will remelt the wax. They should last a year or two before you should rewax them.
Bonus, they smell amazing!

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