When Beauty is Natural

Here's a kicker, i don't have a beauty routine. For alot of people this would be a big shock to the system. I shower at night, wash my hair about once a week and just allow the hot water to rinse it other nights. My morning routine changes depending on what my skin is doing. Some times its just a splash of water to refresh me. If i feel like its a little greasy i will use a mask, i love the honey oat one from the bodyshop, it doesn't dry your skin out and smells yummy (I'm not sure they have it anymore). The reason for this was back in my teens and twenties every time i wore makeup i would break out in pimples. All my friends wore it and when they took it off they revealed terrible acne. So i put two and two together and decided my skin would be better if i didn't wear it, and i was right. I have never had an issue with my skin besides the odd hormone related pimple. I believe this is because i wasn't clogging my pores up with makeup and drying my skin out with chemical washes and scrubs. People always comment that i am so lucky i don't need makeup. I always say well i bet you don't either, go a month without and see if your skin clears up and evens out. No soap, no cleanser, just water and a soft cloth.

At the moment i am stepping up my game as I'm getting older so my skin is looking a bit worn around the edges. I usually trial things before i stick with them but at the moment im using a Marcella water by Garnier in the morning to remove the dirt (the cotton pad is usually brown so i know its having a good effect). Then i follow with a Garnier (they were having a sale) tinted illuminating moisturiser. Its meant to change to match your skin tone but i am very pale and find it a little dark. For now it feels nice and evens out my skin tone a little so ill keep going. Then I use a $1.15 baby lips chap stick. I find the actual chapstick brand as soon as i stop using it my lips get super dry, makes me wonder whats in it and if its doing more harm than good.

That's it. Really. I'm 33yrs old this year and i don't have wrinkles (although i am starting to get crows feet). I treat my skin depending on what it needs not what society tells me to use.
I do on occasion wear makeup. Usually a brown eye shadow and mascara and some concealer under my eyes, I inherited heavy black bags that never go away. My mother has tried every eye cream that promises to erase black bags and none have worked so i have saved my money am just living with them. I have terrible short straight lashes so a little mascara is needed to actually see them, i find the cheaper brands are actually better. I currently have, Full and Soft, by Maybelline (costs about $15). I cant wear lipstick as i have a baby face and look like i have been playing in my mums makeup case. I will occasionally wear a tinted lip gloss but i don't like the sticky feel and my hair sticks to it when its windy.

I have been told by teachers, co workers and my boss on several occasion that not wearing makeup looks unprofessional but there is no rule to say i have to wear it and as long as i look neat than i think that's perfectly appropriate for the workplace. This isn't the 1950's we don't have to wear skirts below our knees or a certain amount of makeup to be accepted.
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