Natural zero waste deoderant

There alot of sustainable swaps that make sense and some that people roll their eyes at. Deodorant was an eye roller for me. Until i found out that when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer one of the first things her doctor advises her is to eat organic food, cut out sugar and stop using store bought deodorant. The studies on it have been inconclusive but the ingredients have been linked to alzheimers, hormonal imbalances, breast cancer and a host more issues. When you think about how easily our skin absorbs chemicles, nicotine patches, hormone patches, it makes you wonder why we would spray or roll aluminium linked to alzheimers, paraben which is linked to the estrogen hormone, TEA and DEA which are linked to kidney and liver damage and are banned in Europe, and we are smearing it on ourselves every day?!

I dont have bad BO and i found that the less i used deoderant the less i smelt. Scientists have actually found that alot of people dont have bad dody odour and its actually deoderant which reasts with our skin and irritates it making it ommit more sweat and smell. Its actually a build up of bacteria which creates the smell, not our bodies.

So this natural recipe contains ingredients which fight bacteria. They arent antiperspirants because our body needs to sweat to get rid of toxins, thats why saunas are so good for us. There are many versions, i had the ingredents for this one on hand but i will give alternatives as i go.

Natural deoderant:
3 tbls coconut oil (or 1 cocnut and 2 shea butter)
2 tbls bicarb soda
2 tbls corn flour (or arrowroot powder)
5-10 drops essential oils. Choose from: lavendar, lemon, tea tree. All have antibacterial properties.
Smush it all together. You can melt it over a double boiler if the weather is cold and the oils are too solid. Put it in a jar. To use just smear a tiny but under your arms. It is also an amazing moisturiser so just rub any left on your fingers into your hands.

Thats it! Lasts forever. Cheap and has no nasties.

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