What to look for in your tree change

Moving from the city to the country is a big step so you need to know what you want in a home and land for that matter. What are you willing to compromise on, what must it have? Allot of people get confused when looking at houses with me because i say no to houses that are, to them, exactly the same as the ones i said yes too. But there are usually key differences. Its not about aesthetics, its about the bones. Can I renovate to fix that ugly kitchen or are there support walls and a bathroom on either side of it? Is there enough land to extend or is it up against a boundary fence? For me the key points are:

  1. Is the foundation and walls sound and free of faults? This includes asbestos, termites and possible sink holes formed by water leakage. 
  2. Is there the option to change the layout inside by removing walls? If the bathroom is small can it be made bigger or are there rooms on each side? 
  3. the outlook. Does the house face a logical direction, are there windows in key rooms such as the kitchen and dinning room?
  4. The roof. Is it sagging, rusted or look to have to be replaced? This has been a deal breaker for allot of homes which have ceiling panels rather than plaster, i don't have confidence about whats on the other side. 
  5. Fireplace. If there is already a fireplace in a logical position this is a big selling point. A built in brick one is even better. Fireplaces can be costly to install and can be a fire hazard if not done properly. 
  6. Land, is there enough land to fit a double garage (if not already there) as well as a small market garden? Being able to keep chickens, sell produce and have enough room for a kids playspace is a huge selling point as it means I can make a living off the land. I can change the house, I cant make more land. 
  7. Proximity to the road. Is the house hard up the front of the block or set back? Front yards are a waste of space but there needs to be some form of buffer from the road so people aren't looking in on you. 
  8. I am really put off by toilets and showers in the laundry room. I have no idea why people do this as now its not a laundry or a bathroom but a kind of nothing space you feel odd using for either purpose. Why would you do laundry in the toilet, or pee in the laundry room...
  9. On the bathroom topic, no wet rooms. I have no idea why you would put a wall across half your bathroom and just shower in the middle of the floor.
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