Starting School

I was super excited yesterday to enroll my son in preschool for next year. However this also comes with allot of anxiety as i have no idea how i will fit work around his school hours. As preschool is only parttime he would still be in day care 1 day one week and 2 the next but then he is only in school from 9-3. My working day is 7.5hrs which doesn't fit into that. I could enroll him in after school care but having done that as a kid i cant imagine my little dude having to do school, after school care and daycare all in one week. That would be very overwhelming for me let alone him.

I have a few options but they all involve earning less money. As his dad doesn't work in the state we can't alternate days, i do have family who can pick him up but again that's allot of juggling for a little kid. I think at this stage my options are this:
  1. Work part time mon-wed around school hours and not work Thursday Friday. this would really halve my pay and im not sure my work would even let me do it. 
  2. Work part time mon-wed and keep daycare Thursday, and add Fridays (I currently don't work Fridays). This would cost more as we would have 5 days of daycare a fortnight.
  3. Work full time mon-wed and just get after school care. Take Thursday and Fridays off. This would mean he is only in daycare one day (every second Wednesday).
  4. Try and work from home. Really this would only work if and when we move. There isnt really any work I can do at our current house. 
Frankly I think option 3 is what i will end out with. Preschool is by far the hardest year to juggle because they are only part time. Once he is at school full time i can find work 9-3. 
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