Study and life

The last four weeks has been a long hard slog. Well not really hard but deflationary a big culture shock. I started my work placement for my Childcare diploma. This first part was 3 weeks but as there were public holidays in there (2) i had to do some extra days. I cant tell you how different this environment is to the public service. I am stuck in the room all day with only two short 20min breaks where i only have time to go to the bathroom and eat my lunch. The rest of the time im in the room sweeping, feeding, patting and cleaning babies 0-15months old. Is it cute, yup, but i miss the independence my desk job afforded. I could come and go as i pleased. If it was quiet i could just leave early and make the time up another day (flex time). If i wanted to go for a walk i would just go. I could check my phone and email when ever i liked.

However this placement has taught me one thing. I much prefer the work of a childcarer. I enjoy the other staff, we get along great and talk all day. I love that i can get up and have work to do and know how to do it, floors dirty, clean it, lunch arrived, serve it. Its great having actual work to do! They have already told me to quit my job and work for them haha and even offered me a job (sorry need my desk job for now). The book work wasnt too bad, just getting things signed off really. Lots of signatures. Didn't help that i arrived just as a gastro outbreak hit so we have been on quarantine procedures for 2 weeks.

Tomorrow is my last day and i just had a minor freak out because i opened what i thought was just a check list for the assessor who is coming to observe me and realised there are actually 5 activities i was meant to do before she got there! Thankfully another major change this week helped enormously. Internet! Yes i have internet at home now, a long time coming (like 15yrs) but we now have netflix and unlimited internet (after 5 tech calls and 3 pleas for them to just send someone to fix it, right now!). Unfortunately just as i started my placement my printer also decided to stop working. Thankfully my center was very nice and printed things for me but today when i found the assessment guide for tomorrow i bit the bullet and got a fancy self feeding wireless printer. Money well spent. Assignement printed, friends assured its not as hard as first thought, panic attack averted.
So now that im in the 21st century, i have one day of placement left then all of next week off on leave to unwind and distress before i have to go back to work. Im wondering what i should do to unwind? A movie? Spa day? Netflix and chill?
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