What we do and dont teach at school

It always surprises me what is taught in school. I'm not saying that school is bad, i loved school, but i also hated that somethings i was made to learn and other things i wasn't aloud to learn. In yr9 i enrolled in astronomy because it fascinated me. I got to class sat down and was told to get up and leave again because there had been a mistake, i hadn't taken advanced physics the semester before so couldn't do Astronomy...How one was related to the other i had no idea and very embarrassed i had to skulk out of class again. the things that interested me were either barely touched on nor you had to be the elite end of the school to get those bonus classes.

Even worse the books we studies in English were so old that we had never heard of them and they were completely irrelevant to kids, if you have ever read IT by Jack something then you know what im talking about. I read less than half of that terrible book and still got an A. It was about a guy picking fruit for a living, thats it, it wasn't funny, it was dry, it was about an adult, and was meant to teach a lesson or something but it was honestly terrible. Why not set a book by an author kids might actually like to read more of? Like, Once, by Morris Gleitzman. An Australian Author, who is still alive, who has written many young adult books on important topics that kids can actually relate too.

Its not just about moving forward with the times. Its about going back to skills that kids just don't learn anymore.  Home economics is a bit of a joke class now. We were taught how to sew a pillow case and make chocolates. Most students couldn't do a basic running stitch to repair a shirt. My entire class tried to put their puff pastry in the oven with the plastic still on it! (no one believed me when I told them to take it off) Sure we cooked recipes but they didn't teach the basics first. They picked easy things we could complete in a class and left it at that. What about managing a budget. Most people say these are the things their parents should teach them, which is true, but most don't. So why not give kids the chance to manage a pretend budget. A simulated game even where they are given money then they have to make a yearly budget based on the bills they are given. Or even allow students more freedom in what classes they choose to do. More free periods. We had one 3hr session once a fortnight and most things were a bludge class where everyone just socialised. Why not offer things that will help students further their interests. How to write a book, Ancient Egypt, Fishing, Event planning, Cooking from scratch. I realise these are alot of my interests haha but you get the gyst. Make them more targeted and look for topics kids can actually enjoy and benefit from.

Another point is when they tell kids to stop doing something because they aren't up to that yet. Case and point a kid who was recently punished for writing his name in cursive. He had to print it because they hadn't learn't cursive yet...why on earth would you hold someone back like that?  I was bad at English as a kid as I had hearing difficulty so was bad at spelling, so I got held back in English while everyone else got to learn French, not only does that make me feel bad but it also prevents me learning a great skill. I guess in this case its a matter of everyone learning at the same pace. Its not going to happen. In this I agree with the Montessori philosophy of 3 age group classrooms. So kids can race ahead or catch up at their own pace.

It is interesting in the news at the moment that the core school curriculum is being changed to be more of an individualised learning platform. Basically what Montessori has been teaching for centuries. I wonder how this will translate to a public school? Singling out children that need extra help can be very embarrassing and frustrating for that child. Schools need to provide a platform where children can learn independently of their classmates so everyone goes at their own pace rather than just holding back those who need to catch up.
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