A year of living frugal

June 07, 2018
I did a quick sum of my food expenses since payday last Thursday. I was horrified. I knew i was buying more than i should but $5 here and $15 for dinner didn't seem that out there. $540 later! My grocery budget is $100 a fortnight. Just goes to show how the little things add up and the importance of checking your spending occasionally to see where its ACTUALLY going.

So now I obviously need to do something dramatic. I know of a site called Frugal Woods. They really live uber frugal and i think that's the way i will have to go. Clearly budgeting and watching what i buy isn't enough. I don't spend large amounts of money, it is literally maybe $10-$20 a day and usually a coffee, groceries or clothes for Rue. 

I know how to not spend but clearly that isn't working. So now I'm going to make myself accountable by giving a break down of expenses on here. Not item by item but a monthly over view on what i spent money on. I will aim for a no spend year! Basically if i don't absolutely need it, then i don't buy it. Medicine, essential, new winter jumper, don't need.

Basic over view monthly:
Spending $200
Food $200
School things $40
Phone $105

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