Why I banned the news

September 12, 2018

I keep feeling low and get anxiety about seemingly nothing. I know this is how anxiety works but i also like to work on what my triggers are. Caffine, artificial sugar, my son getting sick, being late for daycare pickup. but i realised this week that there is another one. The news. I dont watch it but i do check Nine.com.au and news.com regularly. And every single article is about someone dying, murdered, got a cold and died the next day, eaten by a crocodile (im not joking), falling off a boat. The other three articles are about celebrity breakups or click bait about how you can make $1000 in a day (tip, there isnt nothing in the article about making $1000 a day) or how Princess kates dress is a nod to Diana (its not) Like wow, is that seriously all that happened?

But then i asked myself why i was reading these sites in the first place. Was i actually getting anything from them? And the answer was, No. I didnt care about any of it. So I decided to stop. And already, day 2 i feel so much less anxious. Its amazing. So im vowing to only do and read things that make me feel positive. Whos with me?
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