Bringing it home

I know alot of people say that they hate working, but not many of us actually try and think of a way to not have to work. That's my aim right now.

I hate that the only way to live my life at the moment is to work, all the time, the rest of my life.

How depressing is that! Now i know some people say oh but you need to find a job that you love, right, so a job that enables me no start or end time, one where i can come and go as i please, earn enough to buy a house and live there, support my kid through school, provide human interaction but not have a boss, not have to report to anyone...yeah, see my issue. Its not that i have a poor work ethic i just oppose the idea that i have to struggle to keep my income my whole life.

So, i sat and thought today, what would it take to not have to work the rest of my life? so first i think you have to look at what costs money. Sit down and make your 'realistic' budget. Highight things you dont need. Whats left?

Here's mine:

car Insurance

So what don't i need?

what can i reduce?
Car expenses

Now you might be shocked by a few of those but hear me out. Electricity, well if you install solar you can live off grid so never have to pay for electricity again. Food, you can grow and raise your own food. Now this is why i'm looking at this. What would it take for me to actually make that a reality? My brain is telling me i need to spend money to make money. its like driving around in a circle. I have no idea how to get off the merry go round. Yes i can cut out those things now, but it would mean i cant work or live in a house haha not realistic. So i think to get there i have to assess one thing at a time. For now its debt. Next april i can reduce my phone plan. I can get a bike to cut down fuel and parking costs. Im applying madly for jobs closer to home that don't have paid parking. I tollerate heat better than cold so im avoiding the air conditioner this summer. I got rid of the dryer and got an energy efficient washing machine thats not only more efficient its also twice the size so i only have to do one load a week.

Once these are knocked off i can focus on the others. I can save up for a small home that i can add solar too and a water tank. I can add a kitchen garden and chickens. I can trade my food for foods i cant grow like flour and rice.

Have you thought about how you can get out, do you want too? Want to read about someone who did just this and retired at 35! 

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