felt flowers and friends

I found a new hobby. Because i clearly needed more, right? Felt flowers. I saw these on another crafty blog and thought they looked just amazing. The author had made a bridal bouquet out of them and i just knew i needed to do that. So I rounded up all the felt i had in the house, which was alot, and bought some forest wire for $2 at the cheap shop. I already had the hot glue gun. And vola, 5hrs later i have some cute kids hair clips and a small posy of flowers. I love them. I might be hooked.

I have noticed alot of wildlife around our place lately and i really love it. We frequently find skinks running around, just before Christmas we had a blue tongue lizard scare mum as it wriggled under the gate then sat on the front step for a while. These guys have been hanging around the trees out the back eating the flowers. This is a mum and baby because the red one was feeding the green as it squarked at her. Just like me and my baby haha
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