Knitting is a skill i always struggled with. My mother is a great knitter and tried to teach me several times but it just never really stuck. Fast forward to when i was pregnant with my son and i was determined to knit him a bootie and beanie set. I went to Youtube. This was so great because i had several teachers showing different techniques and angles at any time of day. Found a stitch i didn't know? Look it up on youtube. Put it down for too long and forget how to purl, youtube! So im still not the best as i often lose count but im much better than i was and can adequately make a scarf or beanie, or baby booties.

In addition too winter warmers however you can also knit or crochet (im working on that one) a wash cloth. I found myself looking for alternatives to a kitchen sponge last year. I was always throwing it out and grabbing for another. This just felt so wasteful. I scoured the net and found several alternatives but the ones that were the prittiest (thats important) were the knit clothes. They are basically squares of knit cotton. The cotton is important as wool will felt when washed. Cotton should hold its shape through multiple washings. You can use them once or more if left to dry between uses. Then wash and hang in the sun to bleach back to new.

I have tried a few patterns and am not happy so far but that im sure is more to do with me then the pattern. My biggest suggestion is to make sure its a tight weave. They tend to stretch when they get wet and of course used for scrubbing so the tighter it is the better it will hold up. You can use this pattern. Or this one. But really they are just a knit square. So if you can cast on and off and do a knit then you can make these. They also make great facewashers. I suggest that if you use them for more than one purpose that you color code them, so white for face, green for sink etc.

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