January 14, 2019

I have recently discovered this brew and its seriously delicious not to mention all of the health benefits. I needed to give up all softdrink and was looking for something cost effective and fizzy. A bottle of kombucha is about $5 at the shops which is not at all effective but a quick search online showed me that it might be quite simple to make myself. I searched around and found a reasonably priced scoby (about $20) (the organism that starts the whole thing) and waited for it to arrive.

To make this probiotic drink you place your scoby in a glass jar with your starter tea. This is basically a cup full of ready kombucha and gets the whole thing going. Then you make your sweet tea:

8 cups distilled or filtered water (chlorine in tap water kills the scoby)
3 table spoons black or green tea (unflavored)
1 cup sugar.

Now you might be alarmed at the sugar but this is for the scoby to feed on while your kombucha is fermenting so most of it is gone by the time its ready. So boil all these up for a few minutes then strain and wait for it to cool. This is important as heat will kill the scoby. Then pour it in with the scoby, cover with 2 layers of cotton or cheese cloth to keep out the bugs and secure with a rubber band. I have a 2L jar I think and there is usually left over tea so just fill until almost full. Then leave it in an airy place out of direct sunlight, like in a cupboard, or on top of the fridge for 7 days. Taste it, if its still sweet you might want to leave it another day or so, it depends on the temperature of the room a hotter room will ferment it faster. Siphon it into small swing top jars leaving some room at the top for the gas. Make sure to leave at least a cup of kombucha in with the scoby for your next batch.

Second ferment.
If you want too flavor it or make it bubbly this is how to do it. If not just put your jars in the fridge to stop the fermenting and drink. To flavor just add diced fruit (berries work well) to the jars and seal. Open them daily to release the gas and after about 3 days you should have flavored bubbly kombucha. You can strain it again before putting it in the fridge as they may have started to regrow their own scoby in the jar. I like strawberry, blueberry and mango for flavoring. You can also use ginger but I didn't like the taste.

Your scoby will actually grow to the size of your jar and keep adding layers as you make kombucha. As the older layers go brown or it gets too thick (about an inch is thick enough) you can peel them off and feed them to the chooks or put in the compost keeping the younger white layers on the top. The young layers you can also peel and give to a friend to make their own Kombucha.
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