Little free street library

Ill admit it, i have fines at the library. I constantly forget to take them back. Since i heard of these i have wanted to go and last weekend we did. Rue called it a treasure hunt and i guess he is right. I found a website that lists where they are and set off to find them. Little free libraries are basically people putting really big bird houses on their lawns full of books for people to just come and take. You can bring them back or bring back others you don't want any more. The point is its free books! I find them just so darling and really want one of my own but haven't found anything to house it in yet (thats free of course). One day. The one inside the fridge was great as in the freezer section they put non perishable foods like rice and tinned soups. Rue grabbed a few from each one, i had to remind him to leave some for other people but he thought it was the best thing ever and I have to agree.
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