Make do

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Making do. this has alot to do with our already consumer driven homes. I tend to keep old clothes, sheets and towels because they can be used elsewhere.

Old towels are the best. I'm down to my last one and its really sad haha. Not only are they great for washing the dogs but make great mops when the washing machine or dishwasher explode. You can also make the worlds best cleaning cloths out of them. No joke these things work amazing. Because the cloth is pilled its abrasive so works to lift grime off the bench. they make awesome window cleaners with just vinegar and water. My ex was a truck driver and he only ever used towels or newspaper on his windscreen. He knows man. Add a bit of nice cotton to the back and cut up towel is now a super cute cleaning cloth.  Just be careful sewing it on as its quite thick and can snap your machine needle. Go slowly.

Back in nans day they were known as rags. I actually went to Bunnings (hardware store) recently and you could buy a bag of rags for $5..huh? they are free! I also use cut up old flannel sheets as make up removing pads, just sew two together, they also work great as nipple pads if you are breastfeeding as they are absorbent and usually cotton and super soft or wet wipes just spray with a little water and witch hazel or baby oil.

I haven't used paper towel in 4yrs!  No joke, i just haven't needed it. A piece of cotton is great for draining fried foods which i almost never have so its not really an issue. I use a tea towel or towel cleaning cloth for wiping benches. Once these rags get so worn they can't even be used to clean just throw them in the compost as they are natural cotton and will break down.

If you want to read some great posts about cleaning rags head over to Rhonda Hetzels blog Down to Earth. She has a heap on how to do this.

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