Mental health and craft

There has been alot of information recently about how knitting is good for mental health. I believe this is not only the mindlessness of focusing on knitting and not having the space then to think on stressful things, but also on the satisfaction of producing something functional and beautiful with your own hands. Looking around your own home you just think, i bought that from target, that from kmart. There is no emotion to that. But making something by hand you can look around your home and think, my sister knit that beanie to keep me warm, i made that quilt last year while it was snowing outside. They have a memory attached to them and you can also look at it and see that you accomplished something beautiful with your time.

I recently started a craft group at my work (government office with over 4000 staff) most of the people who show up come for the company. We chat about craft projects, what people are working on, why we like making things, antidotes about being addicted to yarn haha even the people who forget their projects that day still come for the chat. We also have the chance to learn from each other. One woman needed help with a jumper she started several years ago and wasn't sure if she could keep going of if she had to unravel. Another member was able to go over it and fix the last two rows showing her how to correct it and keep going. One woman last year was making 50 cards for Christmas, none of us had seen her 3D technique before and we all agreed we would try it the next year, her job at our office was Direct of finance and yet in this group she was just the lady who makes amazing cards. So even though we all do different crafts we are all bonding from all levels from admin assistants to senior executives. In the craft circle we are all equal. One office in Victoria even sits above a craft store, heaven! Her team takes bets on how much yarn she will come back with at lunch time, the record stands at 21 balls.

My loves of crafting come from the creation and knowing that i put time and love into a gift for someone. I rarely craft for myself. This year my first project is a crochet lamb (from Posey Gets Cozy) for my son for Easter. Considering how bad i am at crochet i had better start now!

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