No spend - 2019

After a killer year I decided to make this one a much better prospect. No spending! I have attempted no spend days and months before but its a habit to buy things and i think a full year gives me the space and time to really get into a swing. There are no 'rules' as such its just an effort to be conscious of what we are buying and why. I saw 2 bedside tables that were hard wood and just really perfect for only $10! but you know what, i don't need them. I really wanted them but i didn't need them so they don't get bought. Here are a few others to help with this challenge:
  1. No haircuts. Its super easy to do at home and $22 for a boys hair cut is highway robbery let alone $80 for a trim for me. 
  2. No take out. I have failed 3 times this year on this one. Its a huge money suck (like $80 a week) so its one i will have to reallllly work hard at. 
  3. No new clothes unless necessary. I have a growing preschooler, he will need clothes but i will make sure they are super cheap and only get whats necessary (i have had bad luck with second hand, boys are too rough on their clothes). 
  4. No entertainment. This one might sound odd but i mean things like going to the movies, magazines, holidays etc. I have the internet and foxtel (basic package) and plenty of free activities in my city. No money should be spent. 

This challenge doesn't mean don't spend any money. It means don't spend money on things you don't need. Our homes and lives are full too bursting because we are told that to have fun and be happy we have to have stuff. Actually sit down and pay attention to commercials next time you are watching tv.  Make up and perfume ads are the best for this. Some model flaunting across the screen, diamonds cascading down a lions mane as hot sports cars drive around the background. Oh buy our $40 mascara and you could be this person...ah really? Its black goop in a tube that makes your lashes slightly darker and you just spent $2million dollars on a commercial to make me buy it. Seems bizarre doesn't it. Or how about car washes, you are literally paying someone $14-$25 to wash your car for you...privileged much? We may not have 'live in' servants anymore but we sure pay others to do alot for us.

I'm also growing my hair  color out. I'm at about 2inches now. It's really slow going but even though i dye it myself at home this includes buying dye once a month, shampoos and toners which comes in at about $280 a year not to mention when you consider what putting all of that bleach and toxic chemicals onto my head is doing to my brain cells. And frankly I want to age gracefully and not be like a hollywood star trying desperately to grip my youth. I'm not grey yet but my sister is only a year older and has a few.

I will keep you up to date with how I'm going and give some great tips on how to be more frugal without living like a homeless person.
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