For a while now, like 2years, I haven't been able to delete any bookmarks from my work computer firefox. I tried several fixes on google and none fixed it. I just lived with it, as you do. But it was getting to the point where it was frustrating to find anything when I needed it. There were literally hundreds of book marks. So I bit the bullet and called IT. I told him what the internet told me the issue was and he immediate identified the problem ap file and hit delete. Good bye ALL of my bookmarks. This was incredibly freeing. A bit like if your house caught fire or you get a new job. All gone, not a single file remained. It also says alot about what I actually look at because the few pages I immediately added bookmarks back to were, Posey Gets cozy, Home at Winshaw, the ACT jobs page, a work page and this blog.

 I stopped and thought about what else I might like to add but nothing jumped out at me so I'm just going to leave it at that. I feel like I can breathe again.

Sometimes I guess a good purge is good for the soul.
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