Strip washing

Also known as the case of the rug in the bathtub. If you follow any of the cleaning groups on Facebook you will have heard of strip washing. Basically its soaking in an oxyaction solution and super hot water. So this for me is napisan Oxyaction. It basically leaches out the dug in grime in clothes. Work and sports clothes and cloth nappies benefit the most as they are really hard to get clean.

Basically throw the offending clothes in your laundry tub, put in a scoop of oxyaction and a scoop of laundry powder (i have also heard people using washing soda), fill with hot hot water and let soak for a few hours or over night. Then drain and throw it in the wash as normal but without laundry powder (its already in the clothes).

You don't want to do this too often as it can bleach them wear out the fabric especially elastic in modern cloth nappies.

When should you strip?
  1. Does it smell or has it lost absorbancy? (Like cloth nappies)
  2. Did you buy it second hand or not know where its been?
  3. Have you washed it in untreated water like tank or dam water?
  4. Do you use a weak detergent like home made or frequently use fabric softener?
Then it happened. I saw someone do this with a rug. Now i thought, I have a rug in the kitchen which is very dirty. I have gone over it with the carpet washer a few times and its still dirty. Maybe it would fit in the bathtub? 

Yep, thats after the third go at it! I was beyond grossed out. The rug didn't really fit in but the hot water softened the backing enough that i could maneuver it through in a few goes. Each time i refilled the tub i added the oxy and powder again and used a small hand scrub to gently work circles around the fibers to really work it in. The stains came off with little effort. I let it soak each time for an hour or so then changed the water and rotated the rug so that the filth wasn't going back in. So once it had finished its 4th soak I drained it and got in there and stomped all the water out. It was super super heavy at this point because the rug absorbed the water. Then I opened it out still in the tub and stomped some old towels on it to soak up as much water as I could (did I mention how much I love old towels). At this stage it was still wet and heavy but I thought I could probably do a dash with it through the house to the back deck. I dribbled the whole way but made it and slung it over the banister to dry in the sun.

After a few days, having turned it once (i might have been putting off bringing it in), I brought it inside and stomped on it a few times to get it to lay flat again. Omg I was seriously amazed. It looked and felt like the day I bought it! Super soft and plush, this was a 5yr old rug that had been in the kitchen folks. Not a stain to be seen and the cream areas were once again cream and not brown.

Hands down the best thing I have seen. Not only do I now have a clean rug, I now know you can fit an almost 2x3 rug in my bath, I will never assume a rug that looks clean actually is, and I got another 5yrs life out of it saving me $$$ having to buy a new one! Next I'll try the curtains.
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