Teachers pay teachers

As you may or may not know I achieved my Diploma in Early Education and Care last year. Not working in the field i found a away to use my skills to help others. My favorite part of the course was creating the learning resources for classes. My teachers always told me that i was doing way more work then was needed but i just found it so much fun!

So as an avenue for not only creating resources for my own home but also to help others who may not have the time or knowledge to make them i started creating downloadable packs for a website called Teachers Pay Teachers. Basically it means that teachers or learning professionals, even home schoolers can upload resources for other teachers to use. The money is paid to each other rather than a corporate organization and you know the resources are great because the sellers create them for their own classrooms! I really love it and have found so many great resources for my home to help my son learn.

I have just uploaded my latest resource, a fun learning pack for Chinese New Year. It has information about the celebration and what the meaning is behind alot of the things that are celebrated as well as coloring sheets and fun activities to do with your children. If you want to check it out my shop is here. There are a heap of other resources on my page including counting cards, a wall calendar, Australian Backyard Animal posters which are free at the moment and merit cards.

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