Vampire Academy - Movie and book review

How on earth have i not jumped on this wagon before? So this weekend it was a public holiday in Australia, my son was with his dad and all my friends and family were busy. Not to mention I had a throat infection which sounds about as fun as it was. So i was stuck on the couch with nothing but netflix to amuse me. I wanted a movie with passionate love, not sex, just love. You know, two people who were just destined to be together, some great tension and a bit of ass kicking action. Vampire academy came up in my suggested movies and i thought why not? WOW over the weekend i must have watched it 10 times! It was absolutely what i needed. It was fast paced, the actors and the script were all amazing the story was flowing, funny and showed a teenage story but not whinny and I actually think adults would enjoy it more considering the main guy is in his mid twenties. Exactly what i wanted in a movie. And Dimitri and Rose, yep.

So then I got online and tried to see if there was another movie, no, i was devastated. Apparently the first one didn't do well so they couldn't afford a second. How could it not do well it was 1000x better than twilight! Also i just watched the trailer for it (link above) and its got nothing to the movie, actually half the scenes in the trailer aren't even in the movie and they make it out to be really highschoolish and teenagery which it isn' the actual movie there is very little vampire action and lots of Rose being sassy and kick ass. I actually grew up reading Tamora Pierce and the two are very similar.

So in the interest of getting this movie watched more and the books read ( i read the second book in a day and am onto the third!) I'm going to pimp it out and recommend it as a great watch. Five stars all the way. I have very specific taste in movies and books. I hate secrets, i hate plots where the whole thing could have been resolved if someone just told someone else something, i hate stupid characters. This had none of that, Rose was smart and sassy and not at all teenagerish. The men are just as good in this movie, Dimitri is dark and brooding but when he smiles my heart stops and i smile back, at the TV, yeah not many movies make me do that. It stars Zoey Deutch and Danila Kozlovsky (who is the same age as me now, score!).

Of course its based on the book series by Michelle Mead. The books are just as good as the movie and vice versa which is really rare. I'm hanging out for the book fair next week so that i can get the whole series for cheap (see no spend year). Its been a long time since i finished any book and i used to be an avid reader (im a librarian for gods sake) so this is really exciting for me to find a series that i can devour (mind the vampire pun).

This is one of my fave scenes and hopefully will make you want to watch it more then the terrible trailer. 

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