Doll pram

I often find little treasures at the op shop. This week was this amazing little metal dolls pram. My son loves pushing things around and prams are always his go to when he finds them. I was on the look out for one that wasnt cheap and girly and this was perfect for just $20.

 The hood was my main concern and i knew i would re cover it. Just after Christmas i hit up the craftshop half price sale and bought a few fat quarters one of which was this whimsical red fabric. I knew it would be perfect for this project. After a quick search online to see if i could find a tutorial i found one about a woman restoring a similar pram. It didn't have a template but showed the steps she used to make hers so i at least had a jumping off point.

First i cut the hood from the pram. Unfortunately the metal frame didn't detach without damaging the pram so i left it on. Next i wrapped my fat quarter over the hood with the wrong side out so i could pin it into a rough shape. At this point i also decided i wanted to line it so using the top hood as a template i just traced and cut another from a thick white fabric i already had.

I sewed each one along the crease line i had cut and pinned originally along each side then hemmed the edges. I pinned the top and the lining around the hood and hand stitched it together. I did little points along the ridges to encase the frame so that it wouldn't shift around. All up it took me maybe 2hrs from start to finish. Its far from perfect but looks super cute and serves its purpose.

Im not sure yet if i will spray paint the rest or leave it 'rustic'. I did remove some stickers with some WD40. If i do paint it I'm thinking maybe a burnt yellow or blue to match the colors in the hood? What you you think?

I also crochet a blanket for it out of some brown wool. Im not the best at crochet but managed to get it almost even by the end. Next will be some clothes for the poor naked dolly to go in it.
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