No spend update- January

Ok one month down. I did pretty well considering it was my first go and January is an expensive month.

The unexpected costs were:

$220 my son doctor visits (we might finally have an answer as to why he coughs all the time)
$130 me doctor for Tonsillitis then a throat infection. Joy.
$62 takeout
$14 two kindle books (Vampire Academy, see this post)
$9 Clothes for my son. For some reason he only has 2 t-shirts left, i found 3 shirts on sale for $3 each and got them in larger sizes so they should still fit next summer.

However i also saved some money by cancelling Foxtel. I have something called Fetch TV already which is $5 a month through my internet provider. It gives me 30 free movies a month, free to air tv, catch up, and access to youtube and Netflix without having to have a smart TV. I can also purchase or rent shows, episodes and movies if I like. This is  much more cost effective option over Foxtel which was $59 a month and I was getting really frustrated that they removed the shows I taped as soon as I watched them. The woman on the phone insisted they didn't do that and the box must be broken but it also happens to everyone else I know so its deflationary something Foxtel does. My guess is when the series ends they remove all the old episodes. They didn't used too but this IQ4 box seems to do it. And frankly I just don't really watch it. If I have time I prefer to watch a movie or several eps of one show so Netflix and Fetch are a much better and cost effective option, especially as I can stop Netflix anytime without a re connection fee.

I also stopped getting breakfast and a hot chocolate each morning on the way to work for a saving of  $45 a week!

And I started bringing my own lunch for a saving of about $50 a week as I used to buy lunch at least 3 times a week.

This is a saving of $380 a month!

Upcoming expenses.

Lifeline book fair $50  - I only go twice a year and stock up. I usually don't spend more than $20 but I allow more incase a book i have been wanting is there. This time I'm after anything by Richelle Mead and a few Non fictions.

Wood $30? - I enjoy woodwork and want to work on a few things to sell.
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