This past weekend i finally got in on something i have watched on the sidelines for many a year. I attended an event with my local SCA. This, for those like me who had no idea what it stands for, is the Society for Creative Anarchism. Basically we are historical recreationists. We dont recreate battles or certain events we more immerse ourselves in the period by dressing up, combat displays and tournaments and arts and crafts from the period. Its basically from what i understand any period pre 1400's so Medevil. You can create a character for yourself like a LARP (Live action role play) and participate in any activity you like. Our barony stretches through a few towns and cities in our area so there are a multitude of activities to choose from. I went to an archery event which was basically just coming out to try traditional bows and equipment and different weekends they rotate through different themes, one is dress in full costume, another is field archery, another is im not sure the name but they said you shoot up at a target 100m away flat on the ground so like you are shooting over a castle wall. Heaps of fun! (our current king and queen)

The reason i have only just gotten into this is that i dont know anyone else who does it. Its really hard to just rock up to something and get going. I have done it before, alot, and its generally a guess on if people will actually talk to you and accept you in. Sometimes they just ignore you and wonder who that strange person in the corner is. This time i emailed first so at least one person know who i was and that i was coming alone so would need someone to talk too. And it was great! They were all really friendly and welcoming. So im trying another event, craft, next weekend. Not sure on this event as the woman i contacted asked me not to contact her personal page again even though i pointed out that the link on the group page told me to contact her...who knows.

But the reason for this long winded post is that i need to start designing, collecting and making a costume. I need to decide on a period, a character and research the authentic pieces that would go with that. I have narrowed it down but there doesn't seem to be alot of information out there as to what would have been authentic for the time and i think i am getting muddled.
(How amazing is this viking outfit. sadly it looks like if i want a costume in my size i have to make it)

I originally thought of going Viking. But reading up Vikings seemed to just be the term for raiders from various Nordic countries. They spanned from 400-1000AC. The other people in my local SCA seem to be mostly Medieval.  Long sleeved gowns, fancy head veils. But that's not really me. Then i remembered my favorite books are set in that period but are also fantasy so i don't know whats authentic and whats not and also there are no pictures because its a novel...I did however find some fan art for them so i have made a bit of a mood board. What do you all think?  I'm thinking leggings and a calf length dress/tunic with the wrap belt and maybe the Viking style hood? Then a longer viking dress for other events. I'm mostly interested in archery and crafts so I want it to be girly and flowy but also practical for tromping through the woods with a bow.(I linked to each photo for the source where i could).

Its kind of hard in each photo to see how each element is actually made so i might have to wing it. Like most seem to have a white shirt under the dress/tabard like the first pic. But the billowy pants im not sure what they look like by themselves? And the orange one seems to be a brown dress with an orange tabard over it maybe?
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