When my son was born i taught myself to knit. I had tried to learn in the past but it just never stuck. My mother is a great knitter and tried to teach me but she couldn't be there every time i needed help. Now, we have youtube. Hundreds of people right there when i need them to help me or explain a stitch. This is what helped me the most. If i forgot how to cast on i just looked it up on youtube. My first project was baby booties (which he never wore because they just looked quite girly), i think i unraveled the first few rows about 5 times before i got the hang of it. The next was a beanie which he did wear briefly as he had a large head so quickly out grew it. I started with small items because i have a habit of putting it down and forgetting what i was up to. 

Fast forward to today and i have a desire to see how things are made from start to finish. I like saying, i made this. I think its a really core emotion to know that you made something yourself for someone you love. I got the idea to try spinning about a year ago. I bought a drop spindle and some cards then begged some fleece off my dad (helps to be in a family of large scale marino farmers). He was confused but grabbed me a few hand fulls. I once again went to youtube and learnt how to wash, dry and card the wool then set to spinning it. It was slow and i kept getting frustrated wondering how on earth i could get a whole ball finished. Then i became determined to make a go of it. Beautiful pictures like these spurred me on.

 (Image: @yama_fibre_art instagram)

(image: @yarntoyou instagram)

I wanted to create these beautiful twisted colors. I am a history nerd also so knowing that i was continuing an ancient tradition that directly linked to my family business just spoke to me. Then this weekend i hit the jackpot. A woman online was selling TWO spinning wheels for just $85. Wheels generally retail for $700-$1500! I hot footed it and picked them up. Both needed a little work but with the help of an old leather belt i got one going. My Ashford Traditional. I have so far spin one bobbin and am waiting until i can afford another so that i can ply. My dad has another bag of wool for me and im quickly collecting natural products to make a dye batch, avocado skins and seeds for pink and red onion skins for yellow. I will write again when i have the next step ready to go.

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