Working for the man

I sometimes wonder how some people get promotions with the snap of their fingers and others get knocked back again and again. Im in the later category. I have been in this job for the last 10years despite people telling me im smart and a great worker. Yet every time I put my name forward for an opportunity or promotion I get knocked back. For example, a woman I know who struggles to even use basic computer functions got promoted to two levels higher than me even though i was the one who taught her how to do her job and wrote her application for said job (hey im a helpful person). I applied for a great opportunity at my old workplace which i was more than qualified for and it fit my personality perfectly. I had an online interview, a personality test (it was weird) and a face to face interview. I thought it was a sure thing and even started wrapping up my current job in anticipation of moving. Then i didn't get it. No reason, just thanks but you weren't successful...Then recently an expression of interest was circulated for anyone interested in doing a sign language course. Being half deaf myself and working in a customer service area i assumed i was a shoe in. Nope knocked back. Huh? It just seems like Im stuck with no idea how to get out.

When i ask others what i can do to get promoted (well really its applying for higher positions as you cant get promoted here) they tell me to just do courses and put my hand up for any experience that comes up. The issue is i have done all the courses and being in a 3 person team there are no opportunities to do other experiences. I often get told i need managerial experience but everyone in my team is one level higher than me and the management courses are capped at only available for staff two levels higher than I am. Its a dead end.

I have considered doing courses at TAFE to increase my knowledge but then i wonder if i actually want to do that kind of work. Do i want to manage a team of 30 people and report at all hours of the day or night? Those i know who have these jobs hate them. They are always stressed out and looking for other jobs.

So then i have to wonder what on earth i can do that will make me happy and still be secure and bring home enough money to live on. Well, my current job. Although its boring and has no job satisfaction at all there really are alot of perks mainly being that i can take leave when ever i want and take sick days to be with my son when he needs it. Its secure and no stress and pays well. But, do i want to work a job my whole life where i feel like there is no reason for me to be there??

So this is the stage of this argument where i wonder what the alternative is. A man isn't a financial plan despite what my mother and sister keep insisting which is that i should just wait until i find a guy who can support me. Although that sounds awesome I cant rely on it, life isn't a Jane Austin novel. So should i change careers, jobs, should I train more?? I would love to ultimately work from home but running my own business isn't something i know how to do and it intimidates me a bit. Would i be able to keep up with supply? What if i have a slow month where would my income come from?

I really wish i could hire someone to work all this out for me haha Adulting is hard!

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