Moving out

Yes, I'm moving...again. I really hate moving but i love being in a new place. I don't know, its a thing. And this one is cheaper rent. This move has been super stressful as for some reason its been super expensive! Firstly the agent wanted 4 weeks rent in advance when normally they only want 2 weeks. Then i had to hire removalists because i no longer know enough men to help move heavy things like the fridge and that just isnt happening by my self especially with stairs. Not only that i also have to get the carpets professionally cleaned which i have never done before because we had floor boards previously.

I know how to move, having done it roughly 14 times in my life. So here are my best tips.
  1. Start packing straight away. Even if you aren't moving for a few weeks. This is because you need time to properly go through things, decide what to keep and what to sell and what to donate/ trash. This takes a long time because you need to allow time for garbage collection and for items to sell, and to not cry about throwing all your stuff out...
  2. Early packing also means you have time to get more boxes if needed. Don't buy them! Seriously i cant believe people buy boxes when they get thrown in the trash every day. I asked the cleaner at my work and had 20 boxes by the end of the day. Box cages at the tip are also good sources and fries boxes from Mcdonalds, just ask they will be happy to supply them, and buy fries while you are there haha. 
  3. Clear tubs. I don't recommend these because you are then stuck with a whole heap of empty ones at the end where as boxes you can rehome. I have a heap that my dad used when they moved so i didn't have to buy them.
  4. Clean as you go. Don't leave it all to the end. Sure you will have to reclean alot of things but it will be alot easier when you are tired from moving. 
  5. Place everything in one place ready to go. Clear out cupboards, EVERYTHING GOES IN A BOX. Seriously. You can lift one box of 20 items so much faster than 20 individual items. Less lifting and less trips. In my case its all going in the garage as it has no steps and i can back the ute into it. 
  6. Don't unpack until its all moved. You can unpack anytime but you often have limited time and helpers to move.
  7. Know where furniture is going at the new place. This makes it so much easier as you can place the furniture down once rather than moving it all over the place and scratching the floor or wearing yourself out. Not to mention using less brain power when someone asks you where you want it. 
  8. Use a laundry basket for food as this will remind you to put it away straight away. 
  9. Clothes should be packed in a suitcase. I have heard of people using clothes to wrap kitchen delicates but then you would lose clothes trying to remember where everything is? 
 I will say i am currently watching a youtube video on a Japanese moving company. I'm not going to lie, its sexy haha The amount of thought and organisation that they use is just mind boggling. One good tip I got from it is to use different colored tape for the boxes. Red is breakable, yellow is things you should unpack first and white is normal things. They also put soft boards over the walls to prevent them from getting scuffed during the move. Smart right? I think an opened box would work well for this around doorways or halls where space is tight.

I will post again about how it went and my tips for getting settled faster.
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