No spend update - February

So didn't go so well this month. Was super tired so got takeout a few times. However i did also manage not to do it daily and as i generally get a daily breakfast this was a good money saver.

February extra expenses:

 Doctor - $200 (seriously i just keep needing another prescription)

Archery supplies - ok this one. I joined a local archery group who only shoot historical bows and arrows. This means to keep shooting with them i had to change my gear. I have done it as economical as i can in getting 12 arrows from Aliexpress for $25 (about half will be no use due to the way they are made) rather than 6 from an archery store for $100. And I selected the cheapest arm guard and quiver I could find for about $50. These are one off expenses so hopefully I'm set for the next year at least.

Takeout - $150? Room for improvement

Comic con - $35 this was a family event where I got one ride and lunch for both of us. Rue had fun and we don't normally go out so it was worth it.

So all up not a bad month. Defonatley room for improvement in the takeout category but im gradually getting there. Now if only i could stop dropping money on doctors fees we would be good!

This month i have extra expenses. Im going to the SCA festival which will be a major cost, around $250 maybe? $170 for the camp, $35 for a tent (no one i know camps so i cant borrow one) and the rest for food and fuel. Should be amazing fun though!

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