Weight loss

I have been feeling so blue latley. We moved house, me and little man have had constant rounds of illness and little man has had a cough for nearly 2months straight and nothing the doctors do has stopped it. Im just plain worn out.

Then i got to thinking, when we are worn out we also eat badly. Over the few weeks of the move i was eating nothing but takeaway because everything was in boxes. Now im still eating badly because my son wont eat anything i offer him and i dont have the energy to argue with him. At nearly 60kg over weight is it any wonder im tired. I dont want to go out and do anything because i cant run around with him or chase him if he runs off. Its not helping having bronchitis atm but even before that i didnt want to go out because i was just so limited by my movements. A big wakeup call came recently when i realised that i nearly dont fit into chairs with sides. I actually have to squeeze into one! When on earth did that even happen!?!

To make matters worse i have a date today, yep a bonafide date with a person i have never met. I agreed because you never know even though every online date i have ever been on has been a disaster but you never know...right? Im actually pritty sure he will take one look and say no thanks. Not that im down on myself, i know im quite pritty but the fact that i look 9months pregnant is kind of off putting for anyone meeting me for the first time. Photos can only show so much.

I can actually lose this weight in a year with dedication. I know people who have lost much more. Miss_Itty_britty on instagram lost nearly 150kg in 2 years! I cant imagine being a normal weight as i never have been, even as a kid. I have always been active though so my current status as a mashmallow is impacting alot on my mental health.

I have taken next week off in the hopes of getting back on the rails. Hopefully the latest round of antibiotics and steroids does the trick with my son and his cough stops, i can get the house set up and organise meals. I actually ordered Lite n easy last week but forgot the reason i dont like it is they use alot of ingredients i dont like like olives, vinegarettes and raw vegies (love them cooked but hate salad).

With any luck i can drop 10-20kg and get my life and health back on track.
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