Eating the pantry challenge

I have alot of food in my home. Its partly for food security, if i lose my job or we get an unexpected bill i know we can still eat for a while. My issue at the moment is that i have so much food that alot is going bad before i remember its there or there just isn't enough room next to the staples for the actual food to go. So this fortnight im going to attempt to not buy any food and just eat what i have. Yes there will be a few strange meals but i have everything i need for a balanced diet. Off the top of my head here is what I have in the house.

soups for lunch (they were on special)
potato gems
carrots, potatoes and peas
mac and cheese
Rice a risso (i was so excited when i found this, we had it as a kid)
Laksa paste
hokkien noodles
glass noodles
canned corn
creamed corn
left over pizza
left over chinese
ripe bananas
tinned tomatoes
Corn flakes
Bag of chips
cheese (the cheese situation is a bit out of control, we have cheese sticks, 3 bags of grated and 2 blocks)
Baked beans
2 kinds of wraps
kidney beans
tatertot casserole base
cream of chicken soup
cream of mushroom soup
curried sausages (i didnt like the brand of sausage i used but my son likes it)
Pantry basics (flour, sugar etc)
5kg pancake mix...cotsco lol
frozen strawberrys
Carbonara sauce

As you can see, we wont starve. I can already think of a few meals off the top of my head.

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