Etsy Shop!

I've reopened my etsy shop! I'm pritty excited. I originally opened it while i was on maternity leave with my son five years ago but couldn't keep up with it. Now that Rue is a little older i have the urge to make again. So my new shop will be selling baby and kids products. Hats, wraps, toys and even some little things for mums like hand embroidered purses and little things to brighten up you day.

I have a deep love of all crafts but honestly just can never decide what to make or what to do with it once i do make it. My shop is an outlet of sorts. I get to make what ever comes to mind and you all get to enjoy these sweet little products. Win win right there! I have plans to increase my range so if there is anything you would like to see just let me know in the comments. I mostly stick to Montessori and Steiner toys focusing on natural and organic items, one of a kind heirlooms. Everything i make i would use for my own son and often he is my product tester of sorts. His little smile when I show him a new toy is just priceless and tells me i got it right.
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