Flow bee hives

This isnt a sponsored post, I just love these hives. I do get a benefit if you decide to buy your own hive through the link below. Its just about sharing the love. xxx

I was so excited to see these hives. I have always been drawn to keeping bees but knew that it was an involved process that i just really didn't have the time to work out. Not to mention harvesting the honey meant destroying the hive and annoying the bees and i needed all kinds of tools, time and space to harvest.

Check out this video from the maker of 2040 and that sugar film on these hives. 

These hives cut that step out. They have cool viewing window in the side which is a great educational tool for your little ones or even daycares, homeschools and schools. To harvest the honey you just insert the tap, turn the crank to open up the comb and your honey flows into your jar. No cutting, hot knives, ticked off bees or spinning drums to get to that sweet honey. Not only is this easier but you end out with so much more honey because its not all lost around the edges of your spinning or crushing device.

You should of course still take a beginning bee keeping course but these hives just make harvesting your own honey on tap so obtainable! Iv seen some beautiful set ups of these hives. Some people leave the wood bare, others have created beautiful murals on them. Why not sit them in a flower bed to save the bees a trip. It looks amazing and you both benefit from the beauty of the flowers.

I have heard some negatives about this system, its unnatural, its plastic, yes but keeping bees and chopping their home apart to get at their honey is alot more destructive. This method is alot more gentle on the bees, none are injured from moving the combs and layers. It is so much more friendly for us and the bees.

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