No spend August and July expenses

I paid off my personal loan!

I got this loan about 7yrs ago to go on a holiday that i never ended out going on (i broke up with the guy i was going with). Over the years i have used it as a credit card then got a credit card on top of that a few years ago when i was on mat leave. This has been paid off largely thanks to moving a few months ago which not only gave me more disposable income but i was ahead of rent on my old place and paid a month in advance when i moved on the new place. Which meant i had about a month where i wasn't paying any rent. The final pay out was done with my Tax return. It feels so good to get that off. It gives me so much more room in my budget, felt great to delete that line on the budget spreadsheet. 

So what next? Next is savings and my credit card. I'm less concerned about the card even though it is still a debt because I can lower the limit as i pay it off which leaves less room to redraw on it. I need to get my nest egg built up to $2000 as a base line, this would cover one pay if something happens at work or the bank or my car blows up etc.  
This is been a very expensive month due to Rues birthday. I also went out alot with new friends which i normally don't do because i don't have anyone to go out with haha. 

Birthday presents: $120
Party costs: $200 - as its his 5th i took him and his friends to Mcdonalds for $150 party. The other $50 was just dinner and cake at home with my family. 
Eating out: $300- I know, far out. But as i said this is something i normally don't get a chance to so i went a little nuts. They went back home this week so that wont happen to next month....
New clothes: $50 - I realised alot of my clothes are worn out, have holes or stains. So i did a big clean out then bought 3 new tops from Kmart and some new much needed underwear.  
Shoes for rue: $20 he out grew is other ones and his feet were getting wet
misc: $100 - I decided to get myself some little presents as a reward for closing off the personal loan. I got a new bow for archery $70 and some new plates and pans as mine were all chipped, miss matched or damaged.  
TOTAL: $790

So all up a pritty expensive month of extras. This is why August is going to be a very low spend month.
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