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Being a librarian you might have guessed I'm a bit of a reader. I love it. Growing up it was mostly young adult fantasy with strong heroines. Now i find i have moved to more Non fiction which shocked no one more than me. So here are my recommended reads for each stage of you or your families life.

Great books for kids and their parents
Each is linked to where you can buy it on Amazon

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. I can not recommend this book enough. It is such a great peaceful way to parent.

The Wilderness Family: At Home with Africa's Wildlife I have read this one until the pages fell out. It follows the Kruger family who live on a reserve in Africa. Its a true story in which each chapter is a different adventure for them and their three girls. A raging hippo, lions and horses. Such a fun and entertaining read, i guarantee you will want to read it to your kids too.

Song of the Lioness 1: Alanna the First Adventure  Basically anything by Tamora Pierce. Alanna is the first book she wrote but there are about I think 40 now and I love each and every one of them. All strong female leads. Great for ages 10 and up.

Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide Another great romp through Africa. This one is a great summer read that will make you want to pack up and become a safari guide too. This guys an Aussie too.

Rowan Of Rin Journey This book was read to me in primary school as part of book week and it is the first book i can ever remember reading myself. They changed the cover art which im not a fan of but the books are still great for boys and quite simple to read. Fantastic for a first chapter book for kids 7 and over.Not to mention Emily Rodda is Australian and often came into my library when i worked at the University of Canberra. Fan girl moment!

Once (Felix Book 1) Morris Gleitzman is a great author. Some of his books do have mature topics so i recommend reading them first to see if you think your kids are ready. They are written for kids however so take a childs sized look at these topics such as the Holocaust. Really good as part of a home school unit i would say.And again another Australian Author.

The Simple Home This book is great for those starting out on their frugal journeys or just looking to up their home making game. It has alot of great tips for every part of the home broken down into steps on how you can make your own laundry soap, dish towels and cordial (love her cordial you will never buy from the shop again once you taste home made).

The Barefoot Investor 2019 Update: The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need Last but certainly not least. This book literally saved my financial life and that of so many others. It breaks your finances down in a realistic way not like every other finance book out there. He takes what you have and gives you simple steps to get back on top then works on investing and saving. Its plain english, Australian (although it works for everyone but the figures are based on Australian facts) Following this book i have paid off half my debt in just 4months and have a ten year plan which will see me own my own home! I gave it as christmas presents last year to all my family and now include my sister, brother and mother in my circle of those who follow this book. If you only buy one book on this list, make it this one. He also has a Family guide which tells you how to get your kids started on the road to better finances too. 

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