Too much stuff?

How do you know if you have too much stuff? Asking for a friend...But really. I always thought I had a normal amount of stuff but then people come over (family) and always comment on how much stuff I have. My dad comments the most, especially when he helped me move and the we filled the garage. But to me it was a single garage and we had a walkway down one side and this was everything I owned...that's like a small storage locker for a 3 bedroom house. That's not alot of stuff, right? I mean I cook, craft, and am a general home kind of person. I know alot of people don't cook often so naturally they don't have alot of cooking stuff. For people who don't craft this gets rid of about 1/3 of my stuff really.

So now I'm wondering if I have too much stuff or if I just have a lack of storage? I have found most houses these days don't have any storage, like none. They have a tiny linen cupboard which can fit a few towels and maybe your sheets and that's it for the house storage. Even my bedroom cupboard only has two shelves, which I have to cram all my clothes on, and I barely have any clothes! Most people say oh just throw the stuff out, you can re-buy it if you need it again...but isn't that a huge waste of not only money but really wasteful for our planet?

I do have to admit to owning 2 plastic storage tubs of poster paint. But hear me out, one of them was large economy packs that I scored for free thinking it would last me several years. Which it will. But in the mean time I have to store it somewhere!

I think the biggest issue is these people who comment on my stuff haven't moved house in 10, 20, 30 yrs! I really don't think they realise how much they also have that is just cleverly stored away out of sight. Its only when you pull it all out and put it into boxes that suddenly you have 20x more stuff than you thought you did. I wonder if that's an indication. If I tell you you have to put everything you own into 10 storage tubs, the rest you have to throw out, could you do it?
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