Waldolf window decals

I have seen these around a few times but this weekend i decided i wanted to try my hand at them. They are pritty straight forward. A piece of black cardboard, a template which i just printed off from pinterest and glued on. Then use a small pair of scissors or an exacto knife to cut out the negative space leaving your outlines. Then using tissue paper for waldolf kite paper make the layers on the back to let varying amounts of light through.

The way i worked this was to use a sheet of the lightest color for the main layer. This was usually light blue. Then the layers behind are where you can cut too form the shaddows and lanterns. The parts that you want white are cut out of every sheet except the first, the more layers a section has the darker it will be. So the last layer is the smallest as it will create the darkest part of the color letting in the least amount of light.

As you can see the view out the window is a but bleak in winter so these certainly brighten up the view a little better.
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