Going back to uni

 I did a thing. I am really excited about it but also quite terrified of how this will impact my life for the next 3-6yrs. No I'm not pregnant, although that might be easier...I enrolled in an Bachelor of Arts - Ancient History!

This is something I have always wanted to do but never really had a reason too. Its kind of funny that when you google History degree the results come up with:

"Top 10 useless Degrees!"
"Why people with an Arts degree never get a job"

I kid you not! Inspirational isn't it haha However my reason for doing it has nothing to do with money or jobs. I have always wanted to do it and I just find the whole subject fascinating. I think we should be less concerned with what will get us a job, or make us the most money and just do something that expands our minds. What did you give up at school because your parents or teachers said you would never get a job doing that? Painting, photography? Well guess what, I have a job, I have two qualifications that will get me a job, now I just want to learn about Ancient Animals haha, 

Because, that's why!

Yes it will take up alot of time but I think today we have just that, time. We have machines that do all our work for us, dishwashers, ovens, pressure cookers, washing machines, vacuums. Then we try and fill that time with TV or going to the gym, or taking thai bo classes...so why not fill that time with study instead? For now I'm doing part time load which is one unit a term. But I hope I can manage a full time load of 2 units a term because then it will only take me 3yrs as opposed to 6. 

What do I hope to do with this Degree? Well I have always dreamed of being a history professor. No joke, ever since I was a kid. It was actually part of the reason I became a Library Technician. I got some bad advice in College which meant I couldn't go to University so at least being a librarian i would get to be in libraries and universities where other people learn and im surrounded by knowledge. Now I can get in as an Open applicant which means I just have to pass 4 units or get a credit or above in 2 units to officially enroll in the Degree. Then once I finish the degree in 3-6yrs (oh gods) I will do a masters then a PHD. I will be about 50 by the time I finish haha but at least I can work for 10yrs in an area I love. 

Fun fact, the chap in the photo above is my actual relative, Joseph Wainwright, 1743 my 6th Great Grandfather.

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