Where i get rid of my microwave

I read a post in Nesting with Grace where she mentions they dont have a microwave. But how on earth do you...well actually when i thought about it, what did i actually use my microwave for? I googled it, of course, and what i came up with i kept thinking but i dont use my microwave for that. They listed you can warm milk for a hot chocolate on the stove top, i use use boiling water, you can make popcorn on the stove, i do anyway, and you can reheat leftovers in a pot or in the oven, melting butter, i use margarine. Well yes you can. I actually already use glass based containers which are oven safe. So why am i sitting for 3-5mins waiting for it in the microwave when i can just pop it into the oven and get a better taste anyway?

My current microwave situation isn't ideal. My ex took the microwave so i just got the cheapest i could find which is also the smallest. It needs constant cleaning, and i have to supervise little man to not put something in there for 20mins in a metal bowl. So i thought, why not? Ill give that a go. Grace does suggest putting it away for a month and seeing how you go so that's what im going to do. The microwave will go in the cupboard under the sink (you know that back sidy bit that you never really know what to store in there because you cant reach it anyway). Not only will this double my bench space but i also wonder how much healthier it will be without it. I know they have been found safe to use but you cant negate the fact that they use radiation to cook your food...that's slightly odd right? Alot of containers also warn against putting them in the microwave because they can leach into your food.

World health organisation on microwave safety

A few reasons to ditch the microwave:
1. Radiation - cant hurt right?
2. Your food wont get all rubbery and wierd
3. You will make healthier choices because you cant just reheat an instant meal
4. No risk of plastics leaching into your food
5. More bench space
6. Your bench will look prittier
7. You dont have to clean it
8. Less power consumption

But how:
Do you reheat hot drinks? Drink them while they are hot
Make popcorn? Use kernals in a saucepan, takes just as long as a microwave
Boil water? i think this is a European thing? Here in Australia we all have electric kettles we boil water in.
Do you reheat leftovers? Put them in a pan on the stove top. Doesn't dry out rice and sauces wont go goopy.

I do still have a microwave at work so my work lunches can be reheated that way but i usually take cold meals anyway. Im giving it 30days. Anyone with me?

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