A little Flower shop

Today marked the first day that it actually felt like spring. We still have another two weeks of winter but today it was nearly 20C and it just smelt like sprint, wattle, eucalyptus. I had all the windows and doors open. Of course tomorrow is another matter, polar blast, 9C and snowing, oh well.

On Rues birthday last month i painted the back of his Ikea kitchen with black board paint. We hadn't used it until today when he started making a shop so i grabbed my chalk and set up a flower stall for him. The flowers are felt that i made earlier in the year. We used his kmart cash register and his money box full of coins. We both had heaps of fun and best yet we already had everything so it was free!

the kitchen I hacked for christmas last year. It was a gift from his grandparents and i opened it before then and spray painted all the plastic and white bits black. Loved how it came out! I want to replace the handles with leather straps at some point also just to complete the look. I swear i have as much fun making his toys as he does playing with them...

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