Eating for victory - candied orange peel and cordial

There was time where we had to eat everything we were given. Nothing went to waste or we risked not having enough to eat. I love the theory of this and try to think how i can use my scraps before they go to the bin or worm farm. During the week i had a craving for oranges and decided to make some cordial. If you havent had home made cordial yet then its a game changer. Not overly sweet, no funny after taste just pure orange juice with syrup to preserve it.

(i was making pancakes at the same time)

But then i thought maybe i should do something with the peels that i had left over after squeezing the oranges. I searched Pinterest (as i do) and came up with candied peel . Just slice the peel thinly then boil for 40mins in a sugar syrup. Strain and coat in sugar then leave them to dry for 6-8hrs. They taste amazing and are great to chew on giving a great orange citrus flavor that is almost savory in the peel. If you think rolling them in sugar will be too sweet then don't, they really have a mellow taste that makes it feel like christmas and summer for some reason.

Juice oranges. Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar for ever 2 cups of juice you get. Allow the sugar and water to come to a low boil for 2 mins then add the juice. Cook for another 2 mins then allow to cool slightly before bottling. Done, so simple. Lasts for about a week in the fridge or you can freeze it. I like to mix mine 1 part cordial to 2 parts water.

Candied peel

Slice peel finely. Up to you if you want to remove the flesh, i didn't as i think it adds to the flavour. Then boil the peel for 2 mins, drain and repeat (this gets rid of any grime that might be on it.). Make a syrup with 2 cups water and 2 cups sugar and boil for 3 mins. Then dump in the peel and push down so its all immersed in the syrup. Simmer for 40mins (keep an eye on it to make sure the syrup doesn't run dry and burn, this takes a surprisingly short time, i left mine just 5mins too long and the ones at the bottom got a little brown). I did mine with a full bag of oranges so this will do quite alot. Halve the syrup if you have less. Then coat a tray in baking paper and place a rack over it. Tip the peel onto it and let the excess sryup drain off. Then place in a bowl and coat in sugar. Return to the rack and spread out. Leave to air dry for 6-8hrs then place in a jar.

Looks so pritty as a gift, great to chew on while studying or after dinner snack. Plus your house will smell amazing!

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