Family history with Ancestry

I have recently been doing my family history. I get on it every now and again and find that the longer i leave it the more hints i get on Ancestry. Its such a great source. I only ever sign up for a month which is $30.  Basically you search for a person, using what information you have, then when you add a found record to your tree it comes up with 'hints'.

These little green leaves on a person mean that Ancestry thinks they have more information on this person. It can find their parents which leads to records of their children and other peoples trees who might have far more information than you have. I have found pictures of family from the 1600s! As my family are from England we don't have contact with them so only knew as far back as my grandparents on my nans side and my mothers father passed away when she was 15 so we never knew his family. Thanks to Ancestry i have found that we actually have family in Australia we never knew about. During the second world war two brothers (out of 11 one of which is my ancestor) moved to Western Australia. Their families are still there and i have even been talking to one of them on email. We have also had alot of fun trying to decipher their hand writing and see what their occupations are. Lark maker, fork maker, Lash maker???

 Great grandmother
 Great grandfather
 Great great aunt and uncle
 Great uncle and his family
 Great great grandparents
Great grandmother, her husband and his family

 My 6th Great grandfather

I also decided to take the next step and order a DNA test to see what else i can find. It was $120 including postage. It was pritty gross you have to fill the tube with spit then place the cap on which contains a stabalising fluid to stabalise the DNA in your spit. Then you package it up in the bag they send and send it back to them. I am still waiting on my results but cant wait to see what they show up. The beauty of this is yes it shows where your ancestors originated but it also tells you who else you share DNA with. Kings, Queens, long lost aunts and uncles. One part of my family does include a husband who was discovered to have  second secret family so im interested to see if i can find them!

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