Grocery shopping

Winter is almost over and boy arent i glad! Its been freezing here, literally, it snowed on the weekend which it very rarely does in the ACT. Over night temps are down to -3 and day time temps are between 9 and 14. brrr. I actually splashed out and bought a dryer, not only will this save me space in my small townhouse with a constant presence of the drying rack in my loungeroom but will also cut down my time spent cleaning which is a win when you are a full time working single mum. Me and Rue suffer from season allergy asthma so i often cant dry things outside as the pollen and dust sticks to it and sets us off. A dryer is a good solution as long as i don't use it all the time.

I promised a follow up to see what my final grocery budget for this fortnight was. Total: $148
Yes I was over my initial budget of $100. However as I mentioned this was because I didn't shop the fortnight before and I was out of a few staples like laundry powder and cleaning supplies. I wasn't able to get the teatree oil on sale so it was $9 a bottle. Vanish was on sale for half price at $7.
This also included $15 of chicken breast, $9 mince and $9 on fish. I did also splurge a little on $9 for icecream because I was craving and its important to treat yourself, I figure one mcFlurry is $6, where as one tub of icecream will last me months. Much more cost effective.

I also saved $20 all up which I love about using the online shopping because I can see how my hard work has paid off.

I did forget to take a picture so thought I would give you all a recipe instead. This is my favorite breakfast on a weekend.

Banana pancakes and bacon

Makes about 6 medium pancakes.
Blend together 1 banana, 2 eggs and 2 tbls flour with 1 task baking soda. Cook a dollop in a frypan until the top looks a little set, about 3mins, flip and cook for 3 more mins. Cook your bacon and add maple syrup. This is such a yummy blend of salty and sweet you will be amazed, it barely tastes like banana either. As a plus my son loves them and it gets an added hit of protein and fruit into him!

This is also a weight watchers recipe and if you use sugar free maple syrup its only 6sp for the whole batch with 2 bacon rounds.

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