Living room makeover on a budget

I have been very unhappy with my loungeroom for a while now. I put it that way when we moved in but it just always bugged me that you could see the whole house from the lounge. Into the toilet, the messy kitchen the hallway. I didn't want to move it because i thought it would feel wrong having my back to the door. Well last week I found myself with a few hours spare and took the plunge. I'm so glad I did! With a few pillows and a throw from kmart for under $50 I feel like its a whole new house.

 Before (you know when people say excuse the mess but its not really messy, I don't have that problem haha)

Of course moving things involved a fair amount of cleaning also, i found a whole deck of UNO cards under the lounge as well as a small fries and several swords i had hidden *cough*.  It also means that the lounge now gets the afternoon sun rather than the TV. The couch is many years old and from Ikea, i restuffed the cushions last month and it made such a difference to perk it up. The coffee table is from BigW and lifts up, its where we usually eat dinner.

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