the microwave experiment

Its two months since i decided to get rid of my microwave. I lasted way longer than I thought but last week, I brought it back.

My time without it was not hard in the least. Anything you can make in a microwave you can also do on a cooktop or in the oven and there were only a few times that i even went to use it before remembering it wasn't there. Its really not that much more effort and its true that it tastes much better. So why did I bring it back? Well simply because im quite time poor and heating the oven to reheat 2 slices of pizza was kind of frustrating. My son also loves cooking his 'burgers' which take 1min in the microwave but half an hour in the oven. Do they taste better, sure, but i also had to factor in that when a 5yr old is hungry waiting 30mins leads to a melt down and by the time its ready they have already consumed 2 bowls of cereal and no longer want it. Warming leftovers was frankly my main reason for getting it back. I often cook in bulk and make several left over meals when I cook and tipping them into a pot to reheat meant an extra thing to wash up and it all got mixed up in there. Not the best for every dish.

Are these petty reasons, yes of course. But as I got it out last week I have only used it twice. Once to reheat a meal and once to melt some stock i needed to be liquid before it went in (I make my own and freeze into cubes). I still think that I could do without it quite easily, but for now the time saving quality does occasionally appeal. I will still be reheating in the oven when I can and I certainly realised that I don't have to use it as often as I was.

I have also discovered a who genre of books that has been solely under rated. Amish Romance. Sounds odd right? Well hear me out. The first one I read I spent the whole time thinking the men would turn nasty, something bad would happen, someone would get stabbed in the back. And by the end when nothing bad happened I felt so shocked I had to read it again because I realised I had spent the whole book trying to work out who the bad guy was, there wasn't one! These books are filled with baking, helping family, crafting and men who are slightly controlling but in a nurturing kind of way. I'm not religious so that part bugs me a little but hey thats what I get for reading Amish Romances.

Its the lifeline book fair soon so i will stock up there but this is the one im reading next. I just love quilting! The Brides of Big Valley (affiliate link)

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