Study area for under $250

Having started University again now the need to upgrade my desk and computer was high on my list. Previously I was using my laptop at the coffee table which was not only bad for my back but hard to concentrate because i was in the middle of the room with the TV right in front of me. Not ideal. I asked my brother to organise a computer which he is working on (he will build it for me which saves me about $500 to a bought one!). I had no idea what i wanted in a study area so hit up pinterest. I was surprised to find the one i liked the most was a very modern set up. I have always swayed towards a country, more homely design. This time i was really drawn to the led strips with white desk and modern chair.

Finding cheap furniture

The best place to find cheap furniture is your local market place, facebook or gumtree for me. Sadly i have no way of collecting this so i had to go the next best thing, Kmart and Ikea. 
The desk i selected is a large 2 draw unit from Ikea which cost $150. You will find most desks come in at between $200-$500 so I considered this a good deal. It was also much wider than most i had seen which meant that when my son is older and at school we can fit 2 computers on it with a draw each. 

I then needed a chair. As this is right in the middle of my open plan home and one of the first things you see walking in i wanted to move away from any of the large black computer/gaming chairs. I did want a white or grey one but most came in at over $200 which for me is not a good deal. Finally i found this one at officeworks on special for $98, bargain! Of course when i went to get it there was a thunderstorm, first time it has rained in months... Much wine and flat pack confusion later and here is my finished work station. I love that it all fits into a draw to keep it away from little fingers. 

I will eventually be getting a full PC and monitor set up and will be adding some LED strip lights to the back. But for under $200 this is a great way to get yourself up off the couch and at a designated work station.  

This is part of my budget home makeover series, to see the others please follow the links below.

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