Single parenting, you are doing a great job!

To all the other single parents out there. This is hard! You are aloud to love your kids and still hate them most of the time! haha But seriously, single parenting is super hard. There is no tag teaming, if you get frustrated, which is daily, there is no getting dad to take over. There is no one else who will cook dinner, no one else to do the daycare run. Even those with supportive ex's (mines pritty good on the scale) its not the same as dual parenting. I often look at dual parents as some kind of alien life form. Its such a rarity these days and that's just so sad. I know its still hard with two but one is just doubly so.
This weekend was one of those times. Rue has been especially defiant the last few months as he develops his sense of independence and experiments with rules, and the breaking of those rules. He demands takeout for every meal and screams if he doesn't get it. He does everything so slow just because he know it annoys me. I'm not the most patient person, not even close, im trying to change that but its a long slow road especially when we get so little time together as it is. Our only time is between work and bed which is about 2 hrs. This has the added disadvantage of never really getting to know each other through different stages which makes getting along even harder. We are always rushing.
I am working on remembering to give him my full attention even when I would rather be veging out with my good friend Netflix. I have to put my phone down, and I have to start paying attention to what we eat. I'm used to getting take out or slapping a frozen pizza in the oven because its fast, easy, less fighting and it doesn't go moldy in the bottom of the fridge which is a huge waste of money.

So single parents out there, its hard. We try, not always our hardest, but we try everyday to make our kids lives, and our own lives great and have some kind of balance. So keep up the good work and remember you are a great parent. Even if there is no one else to tell you that! 
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